Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this incredible and successful exhibition of new and experimental art on Governors Island during the summer of 2008!


Photo image: EMERGENCE

(Glen Einbinder, Mike Estabrook, Brian Higbee, Vandana Jain,
Ernest Concepcion, Dormafe Baluyos-Fox, Dorothy Royle)
"The War Show: im/Migration of Species", 2008

Soil, fluorescent light bulbs, seeds, water, and small plastic bags

Site specific installation with various dimensions

Concept: "The main aspect of our project is a "plant war" between native and non-native seedlings of Governors Island. Visitors are encouraging to create a parallel exhibition/war in the natural world of the city. Visitors are advised to "vote" for either the native or the non-native plants by taking the appropriate packet.

Participate: Rows of seed packets are provided to the audience to take and plant them in vacant lots. Depending on the heritage of the seeds inside, the packets will contain either a kraft or a white paper that has instructions on planting the seeds. Underneath each packet is a symbol, adding an element of chance and fun to the participation.


John Walter said...

an article in the NY Times today talks about the social life of plants and how they favor eachother....i wonder how this may be visible in the plant war?

Joyce Manalo said...

Friday, June 13, 2008 on, Brian Lehrer talked about, "Family Ties" this is in reference to the NY Times article...

The ability to help family is common in the animal kingdom. But they don’t have a monopoly on it. Some plants have evolved to recognize their kin – and attack their enemies. We talk about the secret social lives of plants with evolutionary biologist Susan Dudley.

moto said...

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