Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this incredible and successful exhibition of new and experimental art on Governors Island during the summer of 2008!

Anne Arden McDonald

Photo image: David B. Smith

Anne Arden McDonald
"Layered, Buoyed, Tethered, Barely", 2008
Cyanotypes, fabric, and plumb bobs
Site specific installation with various dimensions

Concept: Cyanotypes from contact prints of Victorian childrens' dresses, doll dresses, lace, paper, and hair fill the ceiling to create an environment of delicacy. Plumb bobs contributes to the duality between weight and weightlessness. The installation references the importance of an era and general nostalgia.

Participate: Viewers are welcome to enjoy mood of the room, sit on pillows and draw on the paper covered floor, and scattered sketch pads. A dress is suspended in the air that invites viewers to crawl underneath it. The plumb bobs also function as a drawing tool. Viewers can gently move the string and let momentum draw for them.

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