Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this incredible and successful exhibition of new and experimental art on Governors Island during the summer of 2008!

Asha Ganpat

Photo image: EMERGENCE

Asha Ganpat
"They Know All About Us", 2008
Red light, paper, and motion sensor
Site specific installation (under 4 separate radiators)

Concept: Series of installations will be hidden and only when triggered by human proximity will it be released to the viewer. The “they” in the title refer to the miniature watchers being caught in the act. Their cover is blown. Now “we” know about “them” as well.

Participate: When the viewer steps into the proximity of the motion sensor, they trip the switch and turn on a light which illuminates the floor beneath the radiator. Initially it will just seem like jagged light, but upon closer inspection, shadows become apparent.


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