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Thanks to everyone who helped make this incredible and successful exhibition of new and experimental art on Governors Island during the summer of 2008!

Triangle Project - Finishing School

Photo credit: EMERGENCE

Triangle Project
(Artist group who is collectively based in Denmark, Turkey and US)
"Red's Pyramid", 2008
GRID-System squares
Site specific installation with various dimensions

Concept: Artists from Copenhagen, Denmark and Istanbul, Turkey, hand carried these white cubes to from Copenhagen to New York City. The purpose of this act is to challenge airport security's intelligence and common sense. With the curbes securely in the hands of these artists, they will build a structure that stands for power and enlightenment. They will arrange the squares to form the base of the pyramid, and continue to build it together to achieve the same goal.

Participate: Participants will be given squares to help complete the pyramid with the artist collective. The exchange of ideas and stories while building this structure will stimulate the energy that is theoretically emanated from the pyramid. Upon completion of the apex, participants are free to deconstruct and reconstruct the edifice, with the help of other viewers.

Photo image: EMERGENCE

Triangle Project / Finishing School

"Pass / Detect ", 2008
Wood and electronics
100" x 32" x 20"

Concept: Pass / Detect (2006) is a publicly placed and unmonitored object that safely employs classified technology and criteria to detect specific targets. The work musters both unresolved concern and curiosity via sounding an alarm. Viewers react differently to various means of security measures, as do participants who reinforce safeguards, surveillance and defense.

Participate: Participants are welcome to walk through the wooden frame. Pass / Detect alarm is controlled by secret technology embedded in the structure. If detected, an alarm will sound.

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