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Thanks to everyone who helped make this incredible and successful exhibition of new and experimental art on Governors Island during the summer of 2008!

Tim & Martin Dockery

Photo image: EMERGENCE

Tim & Martin Dockery
"Long Distance", 2008
Sound and speakers
25 minute loop

Concept: While there can be more than one view on any event, this piece is more interested on the many takes of one view, and the resulting meaninglessness. This work examines the digression of information as it travels from mouth-to-ear and ear-to-mouth back to mouth-to-ear and so on and on and on. Each narration of a single message is altered by the nature, prejudices and limitations of the narrator

Participate: Like a game of telephone, each speaker is playing a recording of a person listening to and trying their best to exactly repeat what the previous recording/speaker is saying. With each successive speaker, the information degenerates. Because all the speakers are playing at once, the room becomes a cacophony of voices, the meaninglessness amplified by the stilted cadence of each person trying to keep up with what they're listening to. Standing next to one speaker gives the participant one take on a certain view. Staying close to another speaker gives the participant another take on that same view. Remaining between them all exposes the participant to all the takes of the same view at once and the babel of information that that is. The participants are encouraged to contribute to the retelling of the same view.

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