Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this incredible and successful exhibition of new and experimental art on Governors Island during the summer of 2008!

Michael Alan

Photo image: David B. Smith

Michael Alan
"Porthole to Draw-a-thon", 2008
Drawing photocopies, sculptures, video feed and decoupage furniture
Various dimensions

Concept: Existing drawings envelop the space and encourage the creation of new drawings. The installation is a mental link to a playful yet dark world of childhood curiosity and interpretation. The overall piece taps into the energy of a children's room, where you are free to draw whatever you understand and don't understand.

Participate: Experience the Draw-a-thon on Governors Island in a concentrated participatory setting. Nick Greenwald and Matthew Brennan from Draw-a-thon Theater have put pieces in from our collective. We will perform a costumed show and hand out paper and pencils to spectators on Sunday, June 29th at 4:00 PM. Come draw!

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